Cannabissimo Coffee 250g


Cannabissimo Coffee is a premium, full flavoured blend of the finest roasted ground coffee beans (Arabica 90% Robusta 10%) from South America, Africa and India enriched with Hemp Seeds. They are a great way to enjoy the taste of a gourmet coffee while taking advantage of the great nutrient qualities of the hemp seed and of the hemp flowers with CBD.

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Cannabissimo Coffee 250g.
Cannabissimo coffee 250g is a premium form of coffee, a verx spicy blend, a bit of roasted coffee beans ( Arabica 90%, Robusta 10% ), from South America, Africa and India, with the seeds of the cannabis plant. You enjoy the taste of coffee and at the same time you take a natural substance the seeds of the cannabis plant. These seeds are the gift of nature. Considered to be the most nutritious plant in the worl. Have a unique protein and containing antioxidant fibres. Omega 3 and 6, an amino acid, whish are good for veganes and for people who love raw food. The seeds of the cannabis plant are the best natural food, gives you optimal health and save your life.

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